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Modeling of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

J. Drillet [1],
[1] DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt, Germany

This work aims at the modelling of a 5 cm^2 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) with mixed serial/parallel serpentine flow fields in terms of current/voltage behavior. One of the main challenge to overcome consists on lowering the so-called methanol cross over from the anode through the polymer membrane to the cathode that is responsible for mixed-potential formation at the cathode where both ...

3D Simulation of the Electric Field of Polymeric Insulators under Adverse Conditions

D. F. Reis [1], E. J. da Silva [1], I. J. S. Lopes [1],
[1] Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Recent studies report problems related to premature aging and degradation of high-voltage polymeric insulators. Corona activity, which is induced in areas of high electric field levels, is considered one of the leading causes of these problems. The insulator operation under adverse conditions including rain, fog, dew and pollution is affected by these key factors that modify the electric field ...

A Novel Type of Pattern Synthesis Implementation using Corrugated Apertures

N. Herscovici [1], A. Boryssenko [2]
[1] Air Force Research Lab, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA
[2] A&E Partnership, Belchertown, MA, USA

The antenna pattern synthesis problem is of the utmost importance in almost every kind of antenna applications. Therefore, a very large number of contributions have appeared on this subject. A number of different implementation methods are well known, and widely used. In this paper we present a new method that takes advantage of the antenna geometry to generate an aperture phase distribution ...

Modeling Internal Erosion Processes in Soil Pipes

J. L. Nieber [1], G. V. Wilson [2], G. A. Fox [3],
[1] University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA
[2] United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service National Sedimentation Laboratory, Oxford, MS, USA
[3] North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

The erosion of the interior of soil pipes is an important process in the fields of geomechanics and geomorphology. Soil pipes can form in water holding structures like dams and levees, and water flow through these structures becomes concentrated into the soil pipes as they evolve by the process of internal erosion. With time the erosion process will lead to a soil pipe spanning the entire ...


张秀海 [1], 屈治国 [1],
[1] 热流科学与工程教育部重点实验室,西安交通大学能动学院

引言 声子晶体是一类结构或物理参数周期变化的材料,可以用来调控声波的传播。声子晶体在波导、隔声、吸声等领域具有潜在的应用。除此之外,研究学者还发现声子晶体具有一些新颖的功能,如负折射、负弹性模量、负质量密度等。受翅片式结构启发,本文设计了翅片式声子晶体(PCFs),并通过数值模拟研究了该类声子晶体的隔声性能。 COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS® 的使用 模拟中采用COMSOL Multiphysics的声学模块和结构力学模块,采用完美匹配层以获得更好的模拟结果。 结果 本文模拟了翅片式声子晶体在6300 Hz时的声压场,并计算了传递损失。将翅片式声子晶体的模拟结果与普通声子晶体(PCs)模拟结果对比。结果表明,与普通声子晶体相比,翅片式声子晶体传递损失峰值更高,且峰值向低频移动。可以推断,在一定的频率范围内,翅片式声子晶体传递损失较普通声子晶体具有更多的峰值。 结论 ...

直流 GIL 内金属微粒对表面电荷积聚影响的 COMSOL 三维仿真研究

倪潇茹 [1], 常帅 [1], 王志远 [1], 王靖瑞 [1], 于万水 [1],
[1] 华北电力大学

以 SF6 或 SF6/N2 混合气体为绝缘介质的 GIL 具有大容量、高可靠性和环境友好等特点,而 GIL 中存在的金属微粒污染问题是提高设备绝缘强度研究中的关键技术难题。在 GIL 中,金属微粒引起的电场畸变会带来一系列绝缘问题,这些问题需要进行深入研究。针对直流 GIL 中金属微粒污染问题,本文研究其对绝缘子表面电荷积聚的影响。充分考虑附着导电微粒的情况,建立了可以灵活设置微粒与绝缘子相对位置的三维模型,利用 COMSOL Multiphysics® 软件的 AC/DC 模块对三维空间中绝缘子下绝缘子形状及表面附着微粒的不同粘附形态对表面电荷积聚的影响进行了求解分析。基于麦克斯韦方程组理论,我们首先对绝缘子表面电荷的积聚情况进行分析。然后纳入微粒污染以及气体侧微观尺度空间离子的产生、复合、迁移和扩散等作用,进一步建立了微粒污染情况下包含气体侧微观机制的绝缘子表面电荷积聚模型。 ...

多分支水平井渗流COMSOL APP模型开发

陈冬 [1], 张佳亮 [1], 叶智慧 [1], 努莎 [1], 龚珂 [1],
[1] 中国石油大学(北京),石油工程学院

石油开采过程中,油田广泛采用多分支水平井技术以提高产量,因此研究多分支水平井对油气井产能的影响具有重要意义。本文应用达西定律接口,建立不同井眼几何尺寸的多分支水平井二维模型,分别计算产量。并且应用 COMSOL App 开发器,建立了多分支水平井 APP,可以方便非专业人士的使用。计算结果表明:(1)侧向井段长度对多分支水平井产能影响显著,侧向井段越长,产量越高;(2)侧向井段与主井眼夹角,在 25°~ 55° 时,产能较大,角度为 15° 时产能较小,同时夹角对产能的影响随开采时间逐渐增大。建议生产过程中,适当增加水平井对应的侧向井的长度,进而获得更多的油气资源;适当增加主井眼与侧向井段之间的夹角来达到增产的目的,使收益更大化;适当增加两相邻侧向井段之间的距离,提高产能。

A Modular Platform for Cell Characterization, Handling, and Sorting by Dielectrophoresis

S. Burgarella[1], B. Dell’Anna[2], V. Perna[1], G. Zarola[2], and S. Merlo[2]

[1]STMicroelectronics, Agrate Brianza, MI, Italy
[2]Dipartimento di Elettronica, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is a method for cell manipulation without physical contact in lab-on-chip devices, since it exploits the dielectric properties of cells suspended in a microfluidic sample, under the action of locally generated high-gradient electric fields. The DEP platform that has been developed offers an integrated solution for customizable applications. Several functional units, ...

A Novel FEM Method for Predicting Thermoacoustic Combustion Instability

G. Campa[1] and S.M. Camporeale[1]
[1]DIMEG, Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italy

Modern gas turbines suffer of the phenomenon of combustion instability, also known as “humming”. The main origin of the instability is considered to be related to the interaction between acoustic waves and fluctuations of the heat released by the flame. This paper presents a novel numerical method in which the governing equations of the acoustic waves are coupled with a flame heat ...

A Numerical Study for Rubber Particles Collection Involved in New Thermoforming Composite Process Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

R. Carbone[1], V. Antonelli[2][3], A. Langella[1], and R. Marissen[3]

[1]Material and Production Engineering Department, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Napoli, Italy
[2]Institute of Lightweight Structures, Technische Universität München, München, Germany
[3]Design and Production of Composite Structure, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

This paper deal of the forming process applied to the thermoplastic composites. A new thermoforming process that uses rubber particles collection as flexible mould was presented and numerically modeled. A characterization of the rubber in particles form was previously performed to value the material parameters in the user-defined hyperelastic constitutive laws employed in the FEM (Finite Element ...