Sheath and Potential Profiles around RP Sensors and the Gondola in the Huygens Experiment

R. Godard
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON, Canada

Preliminary results of the Relaxation probe (RP) in the Huygens experiment have provided evidence that the potential profiles around sensors do not obey to a Laplace field, but to a Poisson field.

In this present work, we analyze possible interactions or shadowing effects between sensors, booms and the gondola, and the data processing of RP sensors.

The governing equations for the fluid model describing the interaction electrode-ionized medium are the continuity equations, the flux equations and the Poisson equation for repelled and attracted species. These equations form a nonlinear system, which has the tendency to be numerically unstable and ill conditioned. It corresponds to a stiff problem.