Numerical Modeling of a Levitated Liquid in a Cold Crucible

R. Ernst, C. Garnier, P. Petitpas, and C. Trassy
SIMAP-EPM Laboratory (CNRS), Saint Martin d'Hères, France

The cold crucible is a useful tool for the elaboration of high purity materials by electromagnetic fields. The application areas range from titanium part elaboration, for the aeronautic industry or in medical prosthesis, to silicon purification for the photovoltaic industry.

In this paper, the main results of a 3D electromagnetic model of a cold crucible from a former paper are briefly summarized. Then a 2D time-dependent electromagnetic-fluid mechanics coupled model with a deformed mesh technique (ALE method) is presented, showing the liquid charge shape in levitation state including the electromagnetic stirring.

Finally, the first results of the extrapolation in 3D of the 2D model are shown.