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Simulation and Fabrication of Wireless Passive MEMS Pressure Sensor

E.A. Unigarro Calpa1 D.A. Sanz Becerra1 A. Arciniegas2 F. Ramirez1 F. Segura-Quijano1
1Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia
2Instituto Barraquer de América, Bogotá, Colombia

Energy induced on the pressure sensor.

A wireless passive pressure sensor and the measurement system were design and simulated using COMSOL 4.3. The sensor is based on MEMS capacitor attached to a planar inductor for wireless powering and readout. An external coil is used for the measuring system. The pressure to be measured compresses the MEMS capacitor and changes sensor's resonance frequency. COMSOL 4.3 was used for the analysis of the two physics interactions. The Electromagnetic Waves module was used to simulate the antenna response and the effect of a coupled sensor in the frequency domain. Solid Mechanics module was used for the simulation of the compression of the sensor caused by an external pressure. Data obtained from the fabricated sensor were consistent with the simulation results.

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