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Piezoelectric Tonpilz Transducer

Application ID: 11478

The tonpilz (sound mushroom) piezoelectric transducer is a transducer for relatively low frequency, high power sound emission. The transducer consists of piezoceramic rings stacked between massive ends and pre-stressed by a central bolt. The tail and head mass lower the resonance frequency of the device.

In this model the frequency response of the transducer when the bolt is not pre-stressed is studied. The Acoustic-Piezoelectric Interaction, Frequency Domain Interface of the Acoustics Module is used for the study. This interface has all the predefined multiphysics couplings necessary to model this system (acoustic-structure and electric-structure).

The model determines the deformation and stresses in the device, the radiated pressure field and sound pressure level, as well as the spatial far-field sensitivity, the transmitting voltage response (TVR) curve of the transducer, and the directivity index (DI) of the sound beam.

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Acoustics Module