Heat Radiation Simulations

Understanding heat transfer and its interaction with other physics is central to verifying and optimizing products and system designs. For example, thermal characteristics and mechanical performance must be considered in the development of products such as reactors and electronic devices. Changes in a temperature field can occur due to heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation, which is the specific topic of this webinar.

What is radiation? When should you include it in your model? What is needed to create an accurate simulation? These are some of the questions we will address, in addition to showing a live demo of modeling radiation in COMSOL Multiphysics. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

Natural convection in a lightbulb where gas density depends on temperature variations due to conduction, convection, and radiation.
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This webinar has ended. You can watch the archived webinar at this link.

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Dates and times
July 10, 2014 23:30 IST (New Dehli)
July 11, 2014 01:00 ICT (Bangkok)
July 11, 2014 03:00 JST (Tokyo)
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Nicolas Huc, Product Manager Heat Transfer

Nicolas Huc received his Ph.D. from the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France and joined COMSOL in 2004. He leads the development team in France and is responsible for development of heat transfer interfaces in COMSOL Multiphysics.