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Generation of lofted NURBS curves for 3D Model generation with COMSOL

Richard Hart, The Ohio State University

A key challenge to finding quantitative solutions to biological problems is to model the complex 3D geometry of naturally occurring structures. Model generation often starts from serial sections from CT or MRI scans, confocal microscopy, or physical sectioning. Third party CAD packages can be used to assemble stacks of serial sections to generate 3D models to import into COMSOL. In addition, prior to V4 of COMSOL, there was a “loft” command to allow construction of 3D models from serial sections within COMSOL. However, the loft feature is not currently available in COMSOL, presenting a hurdle for problems that depend on geometry construction within COMSOL (as opposed to a third party package).
A solution for building 3D structures from serial sections has been developed based on the use of the COMSOL LiveLink for MATLAB module to construct lofted 3D NURBS (Non-uniform Rational B-Spline) geometries. The method, which could be generalized for other cases, was developed for generating the 3D geometry for a rat tibia as part of ongoing bone adaptation studies.

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Richard Hart
Entry submitter
Oct 28, 2013 at 4:37pm UTC

Note: It turns out that the CAD Import Module is also needed to get this to work. (We have the module; I didn't realize it was needed for this example...)

Jeff Hiller
Dec 9, 2015 at 1:36pm UTC

Comment removed by Jeff Hiller.

Jeff Hiller
Dec 9, 2015 at 1:36pm UTC

Starting at version 5.0, 3D lofting can be performed in the graphical user interface without any programming needed. This is one of the capabilities included in the Design Module:

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