Optics and Applied Physics

Optics and Applied Physics is an independent consultancy offering expertise in numerous applied physics technologies. I have experience modeling complex physical systems and processes, as well as designing and analyzing optical systems for customers.

Areas of Expertise

My expertise is in the following areas:

  • Thermal analysis
    • CFD with heat transport
  • Structural analysis
    • Distribution of stress and strain in structures
  • AC/DC analysis
    • Current spreading and Joule heating
    • Electro- and magnetostatics
  • Optical design
    • Lens design
    • Polarized optics
    • Optical power coupling systems
    • Illumination system design

Model Development

Using COMSOL software, I help design and simulate models based on the individual needs of clients. Some examples of models I have developed include a heat exchanger, guitar, specialized projection lens, and a camera lens for an IR camera. My ultimate goal is to design a quality product that meets the objectives of my clients and to do so in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Address and Contact Information

David Keith
Optics and Applied Physics
8618 SE Petticoat Hill
Vancouver, WA 98664
Cell: 503-780-9552
Email: David@OpticsAndAppliedPhysics.com
Web: www.OpticsAndAppliedPhysics.com