The Posters are getting a Makeover

Phil Kinnane September 30, 2011
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Hi Again,

I have just come from a meeting concerning the conference and its poster sessions. Our marketing manager, Lauren, was just dispensing chores. A group of us will have to be there early on Wednesday to get them up, because this time we have done the printing of the posters sent by our attendees.

Lauren says, “This year the poster session at the COMSOL Conference is getting a makeover! New room layout, new construction of the boards to allow easy access for viewing them, and posters produced in a uniform way to allow conference attendees to concentrate on content.”


But it’s not all about the aesthetics, obviously. This year we also have a record breaking 56 poster submissions, last year we had 39. Hard to believe how this has grown over the past 6 years.

Poster presenters get maximum exposure during the event – not only is there a designated poster session on Friday evening, but the cocktail reception, sponsor exhibitions, demo stations, coffee breaks, and breakfasts are all held in this room.

“This ballroom gets a lot of foot traffic,” Lauren continues, “and we did this intentionally. We wanted to make sure attendees had the opportunity to see all the hard work and cool simulations our users are doing with COMSOL.”

Presenters are recognized during the Awards Dinner straight after the poster session on Friday night. “There is a popular vote award,” explains Lauren. “This is voted on by their peers using a ballot that will be in their registration kit. We also have two designated Poster Judges that will visit each poster and evaluate them. At the end of the night, awards will be presented to the two best posters.”

And then, the poster contributors will be able to take home their really neat, and professionally produced posters!!


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