Reflections on the Indian Conference

Phil Kinnane November 16, 2011
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Vineet Dravid, Managing Director of COMSOL India reports….

“The 3rd COMSOL Conference in Bangalore was an exciting event. It was kicked off by a keynote address by the VP of Product Management, Bjorn Sjodin, who introduced the Particle Tracing Module, the Physics Interface Builder and other new features of COMSOL version 4.2a. This was followed by Pranay Goel, IISER, who talked about the basis of insulin secretion in the pancreas, and then by R Venkatraghavan, Unilever R&D, who gave a broad overview of scientific research at Unilever in general, followed by a discussion on filtration related problems.

Several minicourses were held where attendees received insights into the nitty-gritty of COMSOL. There were several sessions of oral presentations that saw a healthy exchange of ideas among attendees.

The session which stood out in my view was the poster session. This was vibrant and packed with an infectious energy fuelled by impressive research mostly performed undergraduate students. Many of them went beyond the requirements set by their curriculum and presented extensive and interesting studies.

All of us at COMSOL India are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!”
Thank you very much Vineet for some great reflections.



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