China is a Success!

Phil Kinnane | November 4, 2011
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The Bangalore Conference is drawing to a close today and I’m sure we’ll see some great stuff from them next week.

But another Conference that was actually completed in October should also be mentioned. COMSOL’s partner in China, CnTech, ran a pair of very successful COMSOL Conferences in Beijing and Shanghai on October 18 and 25 respectively.

china conference

In Beijing, 152 attendees listened to one Keynote Speaker and six user presentations. Twelve posters were presented and three minicourses were run. Shanghai had a similar structure with 162 attendees. Lei Chen from COMSOL was able to visit them and show the new products and features in Version 4.2a.

CnTech also ran two-day courses after each of the conferences. After listening to the presentations, the attendance at these courses was almost twice as much as those that had registered. Great work guys!



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