A Lot Happening with the New Corrosion Module

Phil Kinnane | May 2, 2012
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This Friday, a training course in modeling corrosion is being run at the COMSOL Burlington office. Participants will be introduced to the new Corrosion Module and will be led through a number of different exercises.

Model of an Oil Rig in the COMSOL Multiphysics Corrosion Module

The course will go through a number of corrosion scenarios, like galvanic and crevice corrosion, where the electrochemical kinetics at corroding surfaces have to be considered. Yet, you can also consider corrosion on a bigger scale, such as the model of an oil rig shown here.

This models the corrosion protection of a support structure for oil platforms and the like, placed in seawater. The structure is protected by placing a series of sacrificial anodes around it. By modeling the primary current density distribution, the electric potential distribution on the structure can be obtained, and areas where corrosion could still occur can be identified. Rearranging the anodes would then be done.

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